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Helping to create and develop a healthy and sustainable community within south west Victoria.

Community Southwest is an alliance of incorporated community service not-for-profit organisations that are based in south west Victoria and have a member elected committee of governance or board of directors. The mission of Community Southwest is “To strengthen the capacity and viability of Community Southwest members to build sustainable and resilient local communities”.

Community Southwest members strive to improve services, share resources, improve workplace opportunities and develop shared planning approaches for all members of the alliance. They seek to create improved working relationships between member organisations, a voice for the people served by members as well as an enhancement in social wellbeing of the people served by our members. Community Southwest and its members are active participants in helping to create and develop a healthy and sustainable community within south west Victoria.

The South West of Victoria is primarily rural based communities and townships. Distance can create isolation and a loss of contact. The members of Community Southwest are committed to the creation and delivery of high quality social programs designed to help those within our communities who are in need and also contribute to the overall wellbeing of towns within the region.

Membership of Community Southwest comprises the following 15 organisations:

The defining features of Community Southwest is that member organisations are not for profit, non-government and is based in south west Victoria.


Community Southwest


210 Timor Street
VIC 3280

Executive Officer

Richard Zerbe


0448 505 885