WDEA Works

Chief Executive Officer
Tom Scarborough

WDEA Works

WDEA Works is a not-for-profit community agency that has helped people of all abilities enhance their lives and achieve their employment goals.

With more than 25 sites across Victoria and South Australia, WDEA Works engages with businesses, jobseekers and the community.

WDEA Works is more than just an employment service. We help people of all abilities enhance their lives and achieve their employment goals.

WDEA Works for businesses and employers by pre-qualifying potential applicants and providing ongoing support to ensure best fit

This is by providing local industry with the right workforce. WDEA Works offers businesses and employers free advice about their recruitment and staffing needs. WDEA Works can also provide:

  • Free placement of job ads online
  • Discounted newspaper ads
  • Candidate screening and shortlist
  • Interview advice
  • Interview rooms
  • Information about current incentives and subsidies available via Government employment programs

WDEA Works for jobseekers by placing them in the most suitable workplace and providing ongoing support to ensure their success

WDEA Works helps jobseekers to develop their skills and help them source employment. WDEA Works identifies training needs and ways to upskill so they can meet industry needs and be in the best position possible to gain meaningful and rewarding employment.

Support is a hallmark of WDEA Works’ service; WDEA Works provides ongoing support to jobseekers across all employment programs. This includes:

  • jobactive
  • Disability Employment Service

WDEA Works for people wishing to unlock their potential and build their ability via its training and supported employment operations.

WDEA Works offers training and assessment to eligible participants in fields such as early childhood education, disability, aged care and first aid. The organisation’s focus on workplace-based training means WDEA Works students are well-prepared for what lies beyond the class room, having developed practical workplace skills and real affiliation with the industry.

WDEA Works also provides supported employment opportunities via the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The unique supported employment environment, and affiliation with other employment programs, means WDEA Works can offer a unique employment pathway, from supported employment through to mainstream employment opportunities.

WDEA Works for the community through the WDEA Trust, its support of local events and initiatives and community advocacy

WDEA Works is a leader in engaging and supporting members of the community to enhance their lifestyle, recreation and employment opportunities.

WDEA Works is recognised and respected as one of Australia’s premier employment services not just because of our ongoing successes in matching employers with potential employees, but also our community involvement through the WDEA Works Trust and the many sponsorships we provide to local clubs, sporting teams and community groups.

The WDEA Works Trust each year offers $100,000 to organisations across regional Victoria to help realise various projects and initiatives that help people living with disability or disadvantage to achieve employment or access to employment opportunities.

WDEA Works also sponsors a wide range of sporting, business and community-led activities to ensure the areas in which we live and operate are strong, vibrant and engaged.

Contact details:

52 Fairy Street
Victoria 3280

Web: http://www.wdeaworks.org.au
Email: warrnambool@wdeaworks.org.au
Phone: 03 5561 2579