Emma House Domestic Violence Services

Chief Executive Officer

Emma House Domestic Violence Services Incorporated

Emma House Domestic Violence Services is the primary specialist domestic and family violence service in South West Victoria. Since 1979 Emma House has been assisting women and their children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence.

Emma House offers an opportunity for women to talk to someone about their situation without judgement or discrimination. We believe that everyone has the right to be safe, to be treated equally and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. We know that violence of any kind denies people these rights. We support women and children of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual or religious beliefs.

Emma House helps to provide safety, support, information, advocacy, children’s counselling, court support and case management. We provide services across the South West region of Victoria, and our service is free and confidential.

Our Vision

A society where women and children live free from violence.

Our Mission

Emma House Domestic Violence Services is a courageous feminist, client-lead organisation that aims to reduce the impact of domestic and family violence on individuals, women and children in our community.

Our Values

The organisation works from a feminist perspective and values: Compassion, Courage, Growth and Integrity

How Does This Shape Our Work?

  • We believe in gender equality
  • We include women and children’s voices in everything we do
  • We support our workforce to be the best they can be
  • We deliver a contemporary best practice model of specialist family violence services to women and children, focusing on critical safety responses
  • We are a shining example of an effective and accountable feminist organisation
  • We hold perpetrators of violence accountable for their actions
  • We prioritise protection of women, provision of services and prevention of further violence
  • We support and encourage the community to understand and address family violence, emphasising zero tolerance

Contact details:

131 – 133 Kepler Street
Warrnambool  VIC  3280

Email: reception@emmahouse.org.au
Website:  https://www.emmahouse.org.au/
Phone:  03 5561 1934