WRAD Health

Chief Executive Officer
Mark Powell


WRAD began as a community steering group in 1983 determined to provide better services for people with alcohol and drug (AOD) problems in south-west Victoria.  Since the centre opened in 1986, WRAD has broadened its base to provide diverse services to meet the multiple needs of people with AOD problems.

The WRAD Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that operates within a community-based management model. An elected Committee of Management is responsible to provide services in accordance with relevant legislation, service guidelines and funding agreements.

The philosophy of harm minimisation underpins the delivery of all programs offered by WRAD.  People and their problems are viewed holistically, and WRAD staff work collaboratively with other health-related professionals and organisations to best meet the needs of clients and their families.

In 2014 the WRAD Centre was renamed to honour a major benefactor and to reflect its growing range of medical services.  WRAD is now incorporated in the Handbury Medical Suites, named in honour of Dr Geoff Handbury, AO, WRAD’s most charitable benefactor and one of Western Victoria’s most generous philanthropists.

The WRAD Centre’s vision is to advance the health and wellbeing of those in the South Western Region of Victoria affected by Addictive behaviours and to promote optimal enjoyment of life.

The WRAD Centre seeks to provide comprehensive, holistic support and treatment to individuals and others affected by addictive behaviours and associated issues.

The philosophy of harm minimisation underpins the delivery of all programs offered by WRAD. This principle recognises that people in our society use both licit and illicit drugs, and that drugs can be used in ways that are more or less harmful to individuals, families and society. Harm minimisation offers a number of options designed to reduce the harm of drug use to the user and society.

WRAD is recognized as a specialist service different from other community-based agencies as it has a General Practice Medial Clinic combined with counselling and support services. A person can be seen by a specialist physician for an intensive consultation, a practice nurse for a general health screen, a clinician for one-to-one counselling, another worker to assist with housing, a worker to discuss care issues with the family, a youth worker to assist the under 25’s — all within the same building and at no charge. WRAD are also the lead agency in the Great South coast Alcohol and other Drug Treatment service and its partners are Brophy Youth and Family service, Portland District Health, south West Healthcare and the Western Victoria Primary Health network. This consortium operates non-residential withdrawal, early intervention for youth and a day program for clients.

WRAD’s operating revenue is around 3.5 million and we employ 28 staff.

Contact details:

172 Merri Street
Victoria 3280

Web: http://wrad.org.au
Email: wrad@wrad.org.au
Phone: 1300 009 723