WG Enterprises

Chief Executive Officer
Shannon Collyer

WG Enterprises

WG Enterprises – also known as Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Cooperative commenced operation in 1992 with a foundational mission of providing economic opportunities to Indigenous people through assisting individuals into employment and creating sustainable, Indigenous operated commercial enterprises. At WG Enterprises, we empower people to become active agents in their own future; and deliver on their own aspirations.

The business enterprises that WG Enterprises is involved in to achieve these goals are:

  • Tourism – the operation of tours and a visitor centre at Tower Hill State Game Reserve near Warrnambool, Victoria
  • Environmental Services – a nursery that generates sales of potted colour and native plants, and environmental rehabilitation and services.
  • Aboriginal Employment Services – Focusing on pre, brokerage and post placement services

Furthermore, WG Enterprises administers a Safety and Wellbeing Service that provides referrals and links to a range of Indigenous and Mainstream programs and services including but not limited too welfare and social support, family violence, health (including drug and alcohol services), housing, child care and legal.

Contact details:

1-3 Rooneys Road
Victoria 3280

Web: http://www.worngundidj.org.au/
Email: employment1@worngundidj.org.au
Phone: 03 5561 5315